Come and Gather Here

As believers, we do struggle, and some of us live with anxiety. It doesn’t go away simply because we are a Christian. And some days, it feels as we are trudging through this pilgrim walk of faith. Friend, let’s trudge on together, and find joy in Christ even as we pull our feet out of the mire and thorns. Come and gather here, friend, and find biblical peace.

Once a month, I hope to write to you about what it looks like to live out obedience to God when trudging through anxiety. I will offer you biblical encouragement, guidance, and advice to bring glory to God. We'll discuss practical and biblical ways to overcome anxiety in the day-by-day and moment-by-moment.

Each letter will include:

  • Monthly Resources: Christ-exalting resources on anxiety, such as videos, lectures, books, articles, or podcasts.

  • Scripture: The Bible is vital to your walk with Christ, so I want to direct you to either a story from the Bible or passage for you to study and meditate on.

  • Links to Latest Essays: I love to write for women like you on biblical counselling, Bible study, theology, and book reviews. Each month, I'll update you on my latest writing project.

I love to also hear from my readers and what they are learning, and how these letters are impacting them. I try to always reply to my letter subscribers!